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26/06/16 DB Update.
19/01 Morocco added.
16/12 Files are updated automatically. The update date on the las screen is the one from the selected country.
01/12 Visite counter changed. All country data updated.
21/02 All country data updated.
13/09 All country data updated.
16/08 Provider changed.
09/08 Provider changed to Zymic.
01/07 3 group created to download severals categories on one click.
29/06 Files updated.
04/06 Italy and kml format added.
03/06 Germany added and all country data updated.
18/05 All country data updated.
16/05 Choice of countries added.
15/05 Categories translation within files done.
Tomtom format now works!
14/05 DB updated.
13/05 News now, online.
09/05 Script Tomtom starting to code (not yet implemented).
01/05 English and French translation done.
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